Oh the irony!

Writing about orality????

Let’s face it and talk about the elephant in the room, so we can acknowledge it and move on.

I am writing about Orality.

Take a moment. Pause. Feel that weight for a moment.

Why not do a podcast, you ask?

I do not have enough time, energy, and money to do one. Maybe… just maybe if I get enough subscribers, one day I will. for now, writing is quick, easy, and cheap.

I am too old, and my brain is slow

The other reason I will continue to use literary tools to explain to you that we as a society are increasing our oral tendencies, because… well we are not in that future. It takes time for brains to change. You are like me, I’m guessing, already steeped in literacy with pathways set in our brains that would take longer to reprogram than the length of time needed to get my point across.

So, while I write, and you read, know that there is always this looming cloud around us. If you want, before you open my emails, play some Alanis to get you in the mood.

Photo credit - James Hammond on Unsplash

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